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We set up the Schaller Corporation in October 1993. The history of the company was started in 1988, when I started my part-time activity us a contractor. In my main profession I worked in the chipping industry, so I had the necessary work experience and know how. After a structural change and slight expansion we set up the Schaller Corporation in 1993. The main activity of the company was chipping, metal machining and tool manufacturing. The company had been started as a family business with two owners and two employees.

We produced in the first year only turned products. We extended already in the next year our clientele with companies from Budapest, North-Hungary and West-Europe. We realized that we have to aim to produce our products completely with internal resources. We managed with continuous investments to build up a complete production chain starting with cutting, turning, milling, slotting, drilling, surface and cylindrical grinding, CNC-finishing to welding and assembling the products.

We can check the quality of our products with high quality measuring and inspection devices. Our company has at the moment no ISO-certification, but we are aiming to gain it in the close future. However we are performing our work and processes according to ISO-directions. The Schaller Corporation has due to the continuous development a 1200 m2 big workshop with a complete production line and 20 employees. Our target is to come up to the market expectations and to produce high quality products. To achieve these targets we are developing continuously our machines and technical requirements. Our production range is from single components to serial production. We machine all kind of metallic material grades (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.) and different grades of plastic. We carry out the surface treatment of our products, such us heat treatment, galvanizing, nickel coating, chromium plating, blacking and browning.

Best regards, 
Ferenc Schaller